Holiday Zen

This is a rough time of year for a lot of people. Divorced parents are no exception. It is easy to get tripped up looking at what has been lost rather than what might have been gained. Some Holiday Zen is needed.

The holidays are about family (and friends), no doubt. And, honestly, without them, it can be hard. It is easy to withdraw and postpone what used to be about finding the perfect gift. Now, it is a paralyzing reality. Those little insights are not prevalent now. What would make them smile and happy on Christmas morning? That question is hard to answer.

This isn’t really empty nest syndrome. There is no issue there. The kids are recent adults. They have made their choices. It is just, sometimes one needs to lick the wounds, morn the losses, and grieve silently.

Just remember, in quiet pain, there is also triumph. The coming year brings new experiences and goals. The Holiday Zen motive is to take the aching and turn emptiness into fulfillment.

Make! A wise person once wrote that.

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