Where Two Worlds Collide

Where Two Worlds Collide

Where two worlds collide is the most fertile on earth. It is where the ocean crashes land; the mountains meet valleys; the rivers empty into the ocean tides; the forest stops and the meadow begins; the high altitude of the timberline where trees stop growing; and, where mountain water cascades into the desert. Among others.


It is these places where living is most impactful. Metamorphosis happens at these margins and boundaries. The elements adapt. They convert. But, a warning: the intersection of evolution also puts these spaces in precarious vulnerability.


Nature is not the only place this happens. The human worlds collide in countless ways. Our differing cultures impart an impulse to calibrate and constrain our experience and significance. Balance is worthy of discussion. It is fertile ground, yes. But, like in nature, it is the place we are most vulnerable.

Human Edges

At these human edges, it should be about collaboration, not unilateral handiwork; hearing voices, not lecturing masses; sustainable by design, not illogical haphazardness; and, mindfulness, not obliviousness. Bear in mind, where these human worlds collide; we are most at risk.


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