Girona 2011

We learned one thing after spending hours viewing art at the Dalí Museum north of Girona in Figueres. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” The term “Museum” was insufficient for Mr. Dalí, preferring to use the “Theater’ instead. As a result, this theater gives tribute to his prolific inventiveness and artistic creativity. Consequently, this exhibit proves to be a phenomenal sideshow and a surreal sideshow at that.

Girona lies amidst many rivers including the Riu Onyar. It is a beautiful city reminiscent of Florence, Italy and her bridges. Roman walls mesh with 17th-century inclusions. There is graffiti near the Jewish museum, reminding us that change takes years and years.

Strolling through the old streets nearing sunset back toward the train station, we enjoyed the rich history surrounding us. After many centuries and numerous wars, these structures have survived well. Most are in excellent condition and showcase intricate restoration and attention.

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